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vMeetMaster is a suite of video communication and engagement apps and system. Developed in-house using open standard webRTC protocol, they are mostly internet browser-based with emphasis on ease-of-use and enhanced user experience. For participants to join in the video meetings, no software installation is required. Customers, public, agents and company’s staff can join in the video meeting using their smart-phones even while on-the-road.
vMeetMaster’s servers can be hosted in company’s data centre. Video meetings can be recorded and stored in company’s servers. It comes with identification (e-KYC), and can be integrated with eSignRemote to provide remote signing function. In addition, vMeetMaster can be integrated with company’s backend systems.
vMeetMaster modules are designed to suit multiple concurrent small group meetings of insurance/Takaful sales, enquiry and servicing use cases:
  • vFace2Face
  • vService
A mobile native app that can be incorporated to a company’s mobile Point-of Sale (PoS) application. This will enable agents to engage their prospects in selling processes or handling enquiries remotely. Agents are able to share the PoS screens during the meeting. The app can be used with eSignRemote to facilitate remote signing to complete the sale process. Participants only need to click on the link sent via email to join the video meetings.
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An inbound web-based video call centre system. Customers with service requests or enquiries can conveniently click the link in the insurance company’s website to engage with customer service staff for this purpose. The system has multiple service queues, each queue with multiple service staff to handle the inbound video calls.
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