vMeetMaster consists of the following applications:
  • Video Meeting System (VMS)
  • Video Conference System (VCS)
  • Video Service System (VSS), and
  • Mobile Video Service System (MVS).
The first three applications are web-based and are compatible with Windows & Android Chrome and Firefox and iOS Safari browsers requiring zero software installation. These applications can run on mobile devices and PCs with built-in camera, speaker and microphone.
video meeting system
Video Meeting System (VMS) is the most appropriate tool for company managers and staff to invite up to 4 participants to attend a scheduled video meeting. Participants may be external parties, customers, staff or agents/intermediaries. Video meetings can be recorded and during sales meeting, the host can conduct an e-Know Your Customer (e-KYC) process to complete the sale process with remote customers.
video conference system
Video Conference System (VCS) can be used by company staff to conduct scheduled video meetings with large number of participants simultaneously. The maximum number of visible (on video) participants can be set to suit the host's screen sizes. After the number of participants who join the meeting has reached the visible limit, the latecomers can still view the video presentation as normal but their own video image will not be shown on the main screen. The invisible latecomers can use the “hands-up” function to notify the host if they have questions or submit their comments in the meeting group text chat. The meeting host can choose to display the video feed of any invisible participant to replace video feed of one of the visible participant. All participants can hear what the visible participants say unless the host mutes the visible participants. Each video session can be recorded for future reference. This tool is ideal for conducting training, conferences and meetings with large number of remote and onsite participants. Marketing departments of enterprises operating over a large geographical area can use this system to conduct video conferences to launch new products to reach large number of sales staff and sales intermediaries simultaneously. This will significantly shorten the time to launch products and reduce products launch expenses.
video service system
Video Service System (VSS) is a multi-queue in-bound video-based customer service system. An url strategically placed at your company public website will allow your customers to join one of the queues for a face-to-face meeting with your service staff manning these queues. During the meeting, if necessary, your service staff can invite subject matter experts to join the meeting to resolve your customer's problem or answer their enquiries directly. The meeting may also be recorded with the customer’s permission. e-KYC process may also be conducted if company’s SOP requires it.
mobile video service
Mobile Video Service System (MVS) is a native mobile application that can be custom integrated with your mobile applications to provide remote help desk support to your mobile application users via interactive video and screen sharing. Your sales intermediaries using your mobile apps can also use this function to conduct video meetings with remote customers and prospects. This function also supports video recording and e-KYC.
Why use vMeetMaster instead of free video communication software?
  1. Your video meeting participants do not need to install any software. Just use their internet browsers.
  2. vMeetMaster servers controlling the video meetings and storing the video meeting records and data can be hosted in your company's data centre to ensure data privacy.
  3. Our VSS application supports inbound video meeting requests from the public. These requests will be serviced by configurable service queues, each manned by multiple service staff managed by supervisors monitoring real-time dashboards.
  4. We can custom integrate vMeetMaster applications with your company's internal applications such as CRM, data analytics, etc.
  5. Out of the box, vMeetMaster supports an e-KYC process to identify your remote customers. We can also further customise this e-KYC process to suit your company's exact compliance requirements.