Solutions / vMeetMaster / vFace2Face

A mobile native app that can be incorporated to a company’s mobile Point-of Sale (PoS) application. This will enable agents to engage their prospects in selling processes or handling enquiries remotely. Agents are able to share the PoS screens during the meeting. The app can be used with eSignRemote to facilitate remote signing to complete the sale process. Participants only need to click on the link sent via email to join the video meetings
This is a native mobile app.
  • Integrate with Company’s native mobile applications e.g. Point of Sale app to achieve single sign-on, exchange data and documents with each other
  • Screen sharing
  • Group text chat box
  • Video Meeting scheduling
  • Conduct e-KYC and capture of document images remotely with watermark added
  • Video recording of e-KYC and video meeting sessions
  • Send files to selected participants
  • Invite other participants, e.g. company staff, agency manager, etc., even while meeting is ongoing
Business Purposes:
  • Agents use vFace2Face to meet with remote prospects to sell and conduct e-KYC
  • Prospects and customers can e-sign documents received using eSignRemote
  • Meetings with prospects can be updated to myActivityGoal
  • vFace2Face can record part of or the whole video meeting session with permission from meeting participants
  • Agents can save on travelling time and expenses and be more productive e.g. meet more prospects in one day
  • Agents can use vFace2Face to access PoS help desk for support
  • Enable agency leaders to remotely conduct joint sale calls with agents