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Training Management System

mobile enabled ios android web training management system
The system can publish a training calendar for staff and sales intermediaries who can use TMS to check the schedule, availability and details of all training courses and seminars such as venue, duration of courses, CDP hours, course/seminar fees, trainers' or speakers' profiles, etc. The system will also distribute training or study materials to registered trainees/participants.
Those who are required or intend to participate in a particular training can register online for internal and external courses on TMS. After the courses, trainees can provide their feedback on training courses to the trainers/speakers.
Those who are taking the courses can upload course fees payment receipts to TMS, take online tests after attending a course and view their training summary. Trainers and training managers can obtain training, attendance or other relevant reports from TMS.
TMS has administrative functions for training department and trainers. The functions include annual training calendar management and control, management of training facilities and resources at all levels (training centres and branches), allocation of trainers and resources, attachment of new learning materials and documents, generation of new questions/answers to enrich question banks and printing of attendance sheets for all registered trainees/attendees to help the trainers to take attendance.