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web android ios video meeting conference engagement
vMeetMaster is a suite of video engagement software which facilitate business enterprises in communicating face-to-face with their customers, associates and staff remotely by utilizing cutting edge internet browser technology that enables video communication over mobile devices and PCs. Besides customer engagement for after sale service or handling enquiries, it can be used for sales agent or intermediary support, conducting video conference/meeting with staff and management and conducting training or seminars for remote audiences/trainees located in widely distributed sites . One of the major advantages is that meeting participants are not required to install extra software on their PCs or mobile devices to take part in a video meeting using our software as all they need is their internet browsers.
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Training Management System
mobile enabled ios android web training management system
Mobile-enabled on-line and/or offline system to efficiently and effectively manage and administer in-house training department and its functions, allocation of resources, planning and scheduling of training courses and seminars. It can also support self-registration of courses by intending participants and manage their attendances, payments and records their feedbacks.
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e-Learning Content Management System
mobile enabled ios android web self-paced training testing content management system
A mobile-enabled on-line/offline self-paced and self E-learning system that facilitates trainers in authoring computer-based training courses and tests, testing of understanding of course materials, monitoring and reporting learning progress of trainees. Trainees are able to study the training courses/materials and take the tests to gauge their understanding anytime and anywhere using any mobile devices and PCs. Particularly useful in compliance-related training as system keeps track of progress of trainees and when they have attended and completed the required courses together with test results, if relevant. Very useful in rolling out product training during product launches as system can reach all staff and intermediaries at the same time.
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formtrap e-form text output reformat
Formtrap converts plain computer outputs from ugly prints into attractive, visually appealing copies. In addition to outputs for printing, Formtrap can also produce output to email (including full HTML), PDFs and fax with total automation. The system can operate unattended for days, weeks or months.
Once set-up, FormTrap runs autonomously from your ERP, Accounting, Banking, Stockbroking, Insurance, Unit Trust and any other systems you may have.
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