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QS configurator

QS configurator
This is a companion solution to Mobile Insurance/Takaful System (MITS). The main objectives are to facilitate rapid product development and shorten product launch time.
Our Quotation System Configurator can be used for self-maintaining the app in the following areas:
  • Create new plans & riders
  • Clone plans & riders
  • Add, modify & remove plans & riders
  • Add, modify & remove fields in UI
  • Validation rules
  • Edit alert messages & tool tips
  • Add in new languages
  • Certain changes can be updated over the air without reinstallation
  • Dynamically generated UI
  • Quotation system generated support following platforms:
    • iOS
    • Android
    • Windows
    • Web
Ability to support the following products:
  • Takaful & Conventional Insurance
  • Traditional Life
  • Investment-linked
  • Universal Life
  • Medical & Health Insurance
  • Travel Insurance & Personal Accident