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mobile web insurance takaful point-of-sale solution
Mobile Insurance Takaful System

mobile web insurance takaful point-of-sale solution
Building blocks behind this comprehensive solution range from the following modules:
  • Contacts/prospects/customers management
  • Fact-finding, financial needs analysis and prioritization
  • Risk profiling & Product recommendation
  • Policy quotation/benefit illustration system
  • e-Application
  • e-Submission
The solution may also be integrated with any electronic payment gateways for collection of premium.
Each module integrates seamlessly with each other and with your back end insurance administration and underwriting systems, offers plenty of flexibility in customization and comes in a single easily managed set of source-code that runs on different mobile devices and platforms on offline and online web environments.
Contacts Management
Capture, store and manage prospects, leads and customers' information. This includes leads from Lead Generation programs or marketing campaigns. The module also functions as tool to monitor and chart the progress of the sale cycle with respect to each prospect conducted by the agent or sales staff. This module is customizable to satisfy compliance and company requirements.
Fact-finding, financial needs analysis and prioritization
Used to discover financial and protection needs of prospects by taking into consideration their current and future financial situations. Determine prospects’ needs and their priority in order to professionally recommend the right product to meet each prospect’s need. Customizable to satisfy compliance and regulatory requirements.
Risk Profiling & Product Recommendation
Helps to determine and identify customers' risk appetites and profiles to help in recommending suitable investment mix, funds and products to the customers when they choose investment products. The module fully in complies with regulatory requirements, and its user-interface customizable to satisfy company requirements.
Policy quotation/benefit illustration system
Supports all types of life products such as traditional, investment-linked, universal life, family takaful and riders. Able to efficiently support multiple distribution channels, currencies, and languages. It can also illustrates multi-lives and single-life multi-policy applications.
Dynamic and reflexive questionnaires with simple frontend underwriting capability. We also offer versions that are integrated with major reinsurers' expert underwriting engines to achieve full and immediate underwriting results to support straight through backend processing and policy application acceptance and e-policy issuance.
Integrated with proven biometric e-signature solutions from regulators-approved e-signature technology providers.
Integration with E-payment Gateways
Our current version of MITS E-Submission of new business applications can integrate with various E-Payment Gateways to facilitate payment by credit card, debit card and bank transfers to complete the whole sales cycle and close/submit the business with payment.
Underwriting Engines
Our E-Application module has a built-in front-end underwriting engine that support standard underwriting with reflexive questionaires. Another version of our E-Application module has also been integrated with expert underwriting engines from well-known reinsurers and will provide full underwriting decisions covering both standard and even sub-standard cases with loading or additional underwriting requirements.
Activity Management
This is a very effective goal-setting and monitoring tool for agents. Traditionally, persuading the agents to enter data for his activities is a major challenge. Our system overcomes this challenge by auto capturing agent activities data as each agent-user uses the MITS in his/her daily sales and field activities such as prospecting, making calls for appointments, sale interviews and presentations, etc. These information can then be compared to their goals, and further uploaded to their respective agency leaders and insurers’ agency management system. This provides a powerful tool to improve agents' productivity and ultimately maximize agents' earnings.
Agency Management
Provides agency managers/leaders with timely information to manage their agents and agencies. The system will collate field activities data of agents (uploaded from TFS Activity Management) under the agency. The agency managers can monitor these activities which will provide him with insights regarding their agents’ performances and help, supervise and better manage their agents.
TFS Agency Management will also be able to intelligently project near term sales results based on latest agent activities data uploaded by each agent’s TFS Activity Management module to insurer’s MITS server. These projections will help each distribution channel management accurately project their future sales and take timely action to correct potential shortfalls.
Product Configurator
This application can be utilized to expeditiously launch new products or riders by making it easy cloning similar, existing products or riders. A number of configurable parameters are pre-defined and can be further customized or added to each company’s requirements. The output reports of new products also reflect any changes introduced for the new products. This application significantly reduces time to market for launching and introducing new products, and it is designed for Product Development or Actuarial teams. They can launch or introduce new products without recourse to or tying up limited IT resources.
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