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formtrap e-form text output reformat AS/400 iSeries AIX Linux IBM mainframe
Formtrap converts plain computer outputs from backend admin systems, into attractive, visually appealing copies. This will considerably enhance both the readability, intelligibility and clarity of the information or message convey by the copy in the eyes of the recipients. The application operate with total automation, operating unattended for days, weeks or months without manual intervention once it is properly set up. Besides printed hard copies, Formtrap can also output email (including full HTML), PDFs and fax.
FormTrap is what you require, it runs automatically from your ERP, Accounting, Banking, Stockbroking, Insurance, Unit Trust and any other systems you may have.
It is able to handle any format of input text file including IBM mainframe, iSeries, AIX, Linux, etc., and outputs, XML files and converted PDF files.
Other features of the system include, but not limited to, the followings:
  • Output promotion materials as full HTML outputs with nothing else to open
  • Variety of PDF formats from ultra-small Arial-only (or Times Roman) for Gmail to PDF/A with all fonts included where mandated by regulation
  • Runs in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and all most all other languages
  • Runtime text and graphic substitution
  • Transformation of information to barcodes and MICR
  • Supports currency formats as well as date formats and types and translation of day and month literals from one language to another
  • User level jobs tracking which empowers users to track their electronic document jobs, including job re-submission, freeing up scarce IT resources
  • Full colour and true type fonts