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Training Management System

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This is an on-line self-paced and self-learning online e-learning system (ELS). Particularly suited to standardized learning courses for e.g. existing and new product training, standard mandatory training imposed by regulators and procedures and workflow training.
Authorised users may use this system to author on-line courses. These courses will be available for students to take by a certain date after they had been approved by other authorized managers. These managers may also withdraw outdated courses.
Each course consists of a variable number of lessons. At end of each lesson, the system supports optional quizzes to strengthen grasp of subject matter by trainees. Trainees may only be permitted to proceed to the next lesson if they answer the quizzes correctly else the lesson will be repeated.
At the end of each course, the course author may also author an on-line test which consists of a number of objective questions which each student must take and pass to certify that he/she has effectively grasped the course content.
ELS tracks the number of hours of compulsory training gained from completing each course e.g. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours. ELS can update CDP hours earned and e-learning results to enterprises' backend administration system (such as insurers' backend agency administration system). The system can update enterprises' backend systems with identity of sales intermediaries who have taken the e-learning courses which are required before they are authorized to sell certain products. This will help to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements on sales training.
Trainers can use ELS to author new courses, lessons, quizzes and test questions which can incorporate graphics and video.
Registered trainees are able to download and store e-Learning course materials and tests content onto their devices to facilitate for off-line usage as aid to the learning process. To facilitate off-line usage, ELS is configurable to force download of new versions of e-Learning content and upload of learning hour information and test results to backend either when users log in or log out of ELS.