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RT Tool

This tool can handle both TF Systems and non-TF Systems mobile software.
This highly efficient, effective, cost-saving tool will help to considerably reduce time to market of any new enhancements, changes to applications and product development initiatives by fully automating the regression testing process from end to end. It is possible to eliminate, or at least reduce significantly, errors, omissions or inaccuracies commonly encountered when labour-intensive manual testing is used. It even outputs a summary of the test results to be kept as a confirmation of the testing for future audit and compliance checking.
Support regression testing between mobile applications
  • For different platforms such as iOS, web, etc
  • Which are written in different programming languages
  • With ability to AUTO identify, locate and highlight discrepancies in their UI validations and report outputs
For output comparisons, our regression test tool is able to handle
  • PDF vs PDF
  • PDF vs Actuarial spreadsheet